Cluster two 2018-2023

Yogurt and fruit

A natural preservative for clean label foods and beverages

Chinova Bioworks has invented a natural shelf-life extender suitable for clean labels called Chiber™ for processed food and beverage products using chitosan, a dietary fibre extracted from white button mushrooms.

Dairy products

An eco-friendly solution to prevent listeria risks in food processing environments

A Canadian dairy co-operative has teamed up with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to develop a chemical-free way to prevent the risk of listeria in food processing environments.

poultry meat

In search of a natural solution against spoilage bacteria and pathogens in poultry and frozen vegetable products

Two food processing companies, one in meat and one in vegetables, are both looking for chemical-free or “clean” solutions to improve shelf life and the safety of their food products.

fresh pork chop

Testing the impacts of antibiotic alternatives on pork quality and safety

Olymel, Canada’s largest pork producer and processor, is working with scientists from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Université Laval on research to gain a better understanding of the links between gut health, food safety and product quality.


Using pulsed light to boost safety of frozen vegetables

A large processor of frozen and canned vegetables in Canada is exploring how to best apply pulsed light technology during a final stage of processing as an additional step to ensure its frozen vegetables are listeria-free.