Food and Beverage Innovation Priority Forum Agenda

25 April 2017

Canadian Food Innovators (CFI) is developing national priorities for food and beverage processing for research and innovation in Canada at the company level. These priorities will help inform public investment in food and beverage processing for the next five years.

In partnership with [insert regional member name], CFI is undertaking consultations across Canada with industry to understand your research needs and priorities. This information will be used to guide, among other things, project proposals from companies in fall 2017 as part of the national food and beverage processing R&D/innovation cluster.

Session dates and locations

May 5, Halifax – in partnership with Atlantic Food Processors Association
May 10, Montreal – in partnership with Le Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Quebec
May 12, Saskatoon – in partnership with Saskatchewan Food and Ingredient Processors Association
May 16, Edmonton – in partnership with Alberta Food Processors Association
May 17, Vancouver – in partnership with British Columbia Food Processors Association
May 24, Guelph – in partnership with Food and Beverage Ontario
May 30, Winnipeg – in partnership with Food & Beverage Manitoba


Note: The use of the term “innovation” encompasses research and development leading to commercialization. Click here for a downloadable PDF of the agenda.



Introductions and podium time (CFI, regional member association, others)

Ways of working – explain how the session will work, process, outcomes

09h45-10h45  First session – Opportunities for innovation

What are the drivers for innovation in your business?

What are focal points/priority needs for innovation?

Where does innovation stand to have the greatest impact for your firm? Why?

10h45-11h15 Break
11h15 – 12h15

Second session – Barriers to innovation

What factors hold your firm back with regard to R&D?

How could your firm achieve better outcomes from its R&D investment?

Five most important opportunities and barriers

12h15-13h30 Networking lunch
13h30-14h30 Third session – Research capacity

What are the gaps in research capacity that your firm is experiencing?

What are the opportunities to fully leverage research capacity?

In what circumstances does it make sense to seek collaborators?     
14h30-15h30  Fourth session – Experience with grant program and future opportunities

What experiences have you had accessing and using grant programs?

How can CFI help you use funding opportunities more effectively to advance innovation?

15h30-16h00  Wrap up, next steps