About Canadian Food Innovators

The Canadian Council of Food Processors (CCFP) was incorporated in 2010. Its membership includes the seven provincial and regional food processing associations in the country: Alberta Food Processors Association, Food and Beverage Ontario, Atlantic Food & Beverage Processors Association, British Columbia Food Processors Association, Manitoba Food Processors Association, Quebec Food Processors and Consumer Product Council, and Saskatchewan Food and Ingredient Processors Association. Together, CCFP provincial member associations represent 1,800 companies nationwide.

The national organization represents all sizes of food and beverage processors and natural health products manufacturers operating in Canada.

CCFP’s mission is to raise the profile of the food processing/manufacturing industry in Canada and to speak with a common voice on behalf of its members on a broad spectrum of issues that affect this vital manufacturing industry on a national basis.

In order to participate in the AgriInnovation Program’s Research & Development Stream under Growing Forward 2, CCFP has formed Canadian Food Innovators, a federal not-for-profit corporation.

CFI’s food processing science cluster is national in scope and is an industry-led program that brings together a critical mass of scientific research expertise in industry, academia, and government to accelerate innovation through commercialization and adoption of innovative agri-based products, technologies, processes and services.

More information is available at www.ccfp-ccta.com.